Roffey Karate club ( Roffey Wadokai) is based at the Roffey Institute Hall Crawley Road, Horsham. We teach the WADO RYU style of Japanese Karate following a traditional syllabus. This style is lighter than most and incorporates evasive and sweeping movements in defence which means it is very suitable for student of all ages and sizes. The club has students from 5 to 60 years and the classes are designed to enable everyone to participate fully.

The classes, which are generally split according to age, always have an atmosphere of fun, in addition to concentrating on the discipline required to progress in a Martial Art.  Classes are designed to maximise the participation and enjoyment of all students and we now have the facility to enable parents to train with their children. This adds a completely new dimension to the feel of the class.  We have many students who have progressed through from Junior classes and have trained with us from school to work. This is testament to their dedication and to the enjoyment and feeling of belonging we have at Roffey Karate.

For more information on future courses please contact; Phil or Debbie Smith on 07708432682 or 07882512676