Roffey Karate 2018 in brief

From top to bottom a year in brief. Two new black belts for Roffey Karate Sensei’s Mel and Charli. I have known Charli since she was 4 so it was a great feeling to see her put on a Black Belt. Sensei Mel has experience of many competitions and is a real asset to our club. There were our annual Awards for many of the fantastic young people who come along and train at our club. Also the fantastic Senior students who train and give their knowledge others. Then came our Thousand Kata Challenge for charity. Over 1100 kata completed in a weeks classes and £802 raised. A brief interlude to instil some discipline in 2 of our younger students ( not really the two young men pictured are very focussed and a joy to teach).  Next a bearded Sensei Alex who started at University this year, we miss his teaching and scary Kiai.

We then had our multi coloured Roffey Karate Hoodies ( a suggestion from Naia) which went down well. Students do come and go but Ellie left us when her family moved North and she was presented with a memento Black belt bear. Gradings are always a big part of the year and a great feeling of achievement for all. But never forget Karate is not a race it is a journey. Some very high kicking from our brown belts, just to make me jealous I’m sure.

Then a big moment for me when s Sensei Andrew Bosbery passed his 3rd Dan Black Belt. He has been with the club since he was 5 and has contributed many hours in helping teach others. Sensei Andrew has now moved on to University and we miss his support but wish him well. He seemed to enjoy throwing me about. We are lucky to still have Black Belts willing and very able to support our students and judging by the photo enjoy it.

Some self defence with the St John Ambulance Cadets, and Lauren moving onto a new job in Edinburgh, though not before giving me a few bruises. The year is not over as ever a year end grading to look forward to. Good luck to all our students and Instructors.