About Us

As with many clubs and associations we are currently closed. However with the inclusiveness we hold important in our club we have continued to maintain our links with our students.

we have set up a WhatsApp page which is used as a communication and training link between Instructors and students. We are running regular Zoom Classes which have been very successful and enjoyable.

If you are interested in joining our club please email me or visit our Facebook page and use the message facility on there. I will endeavour to answer your questions.

Take care and stay safe.

Roffey Karate club ( Roffey Wadokai) is based at the Roffey Institute Hall Crawley Road, Horsham. The club’s ethos is that if you’re enjoying the class then you will learn at every lesson. This applies no matter what grade from beginner to Black belt. Whether it’s your first lesson or if you have trained for years.

Roffey Karate is a very inclusive environment and many students stay with their training for years. Returning after University or when work then permits. Many of our Black belts assist with teaching including Sensei Colin Jackson 4th Dan, Sensei Mads Vallestad 3rd Dan, Sensei Andrew Bosbery 2nd Dan, Sensei Russ Orgill 1st Dan, Sensei Julie Elliott 1st Dan , Sensei Joanna Canham 1st Dan, as well as many other Blackbelts of all ages . All have been with Roffey karate club for many years and between them have a wealth of knowledge and experience and all enjoy passing on that knowledge. We have several current students who started training as young as 5 and now as teenagers and adults (and Black Belts) give much to the club.

Many of our students have been with Roffey Karate for many years which means that they are able to progress through to high grades within the club. This enables all the students to see the benefits of regular training.

We teach the WADO RYU style of Japanese Karate following a traditional syllabus. This style is lighter than most and incorporates evasive and sweeping movements in defence which means it is very suitable for student of all ages and sizes.

The club has students from 5 to 60 + years and the classes are designed to enable everyone to participate fully. There is an atmosphere of mutual respect and a desire to learn but to have fun at the same time.

Our classes have evolved over the years and we now have mixed age classes with many parents training with their children. This has been a great step for the club and we get great feedback from all, and this also give parents the opportunity to grade alongside their children with all the associated pride.

In the Junior classes, which are split according to age, where possible and practical, there is an atmosphere of fun as well as concentrating on the discipline required to progress in a Martial Art. We use team games focused on employing Karate techniques to assist students to learn and get fit as well as to learn about respect and working with others.

In the Senior classes there are many students who have progressed through from Junior classes. This adds a continuity often missing in Martial Arts, there are no egos so beginners at any age can feel welcome and part of the club.

The classes have many benefits apart from learning a traditional Martial Art. There is a large element of Fitness in the training which, combined with the discipline and the fun, means that everyone improves their level of fitness, often without realising it. The training helps with balance, strength and speed, as well as building confidence and self esteem. Training will obviously bring an increased awareness of Personal Safety and Self Defence and as Sensei Phil is qualified to teach Self Defence he ensures that it is done so in a suitable way. As another option Sensei Phil teaches some weapons for students who are particularly interested. They include Nunchuku, Spear, Sabre, and Bo (staff).


Roffey Karate Club makes every effort to limit the effect the politics of Karate have on its students. We are now affiliated to the English Wado Federation ( see karate links on website). This gives us access to Courses and Competitions if we choose and also membership of the English Karate Federation.

Classes and Costs

The classes are pay as you train. This is of benefit when faced with your child’s busy schedule and occasional off days. Students can attend any class if their situation requires it. Class costs are currently £4 per hour for Juniors and £5 per hour for Seniors.

The cost of Annual membership, which includes insurance, is considerably lower than some karate groups and takes into account the fact that their are family groups training. It is currently as follows:

£20 for the initial year and £17.50 renewal for 1 licence

£35 initial and £30 renewal for 2 licences

£45 Initial and £40 renewal  for 3 Licences

£50 Initial and £45 renewal for 4 Licences

Please c contact Sensei Phil for any required clarification

Our Approach

You will find that at Roffey Karate Club all members try hard to work, not only for themselves but for all the students in the club. We encourage this because, again, it engenders loyalty and that feeling of ‘belonging to a club’. We train in the heart of Roffey and many of our students participate in other sports with local clubs, in the local area, so the whole atmosphere is one of belonging, and in what can be a hard, harsh world this a vitally important attribute of Roffey Karate Club.

We regularly run fund raising for Charities and over the last 3 years have raised over £3000. This enables students to participate and contribute to some really worthwhile causes and to feel a great sense of achievement

For more information

Lastly if you have any other questions, or would like to see any of the relevant information concerning the club / association or would just like to chat about Martial Arts, Karate, the club or anything associated, please do not hesitate to speak to Sensei Phil (07708432682) or the secretary Debbie Smith (07882512676)at the Roffey Institute Hall.

Additional Training on offer.

One to one sessions are available so please just ask. We cover weapons training as well covering NUNCHUKU, BO STAFF, KNIFE, TAI CHI DAO {SABRE) and TAI CHI SPEAR.

Sensei Phil also runs Self Defence classes on an ad-hoc basis so please enquire if you are interested, and if Karate isn’t quite your thing perhaps you might be interested in learning TAI CHI CHUAN. Sensei Phil has been training in Tai Chi Chuan for nearly 30 years and teaching it for overou are interested contact Sensei Phil

Please telephone : 07708-432682 or 07882-512676 for more information.