A word from Sensei Phil

Hi everyone, apologies for the lack of updates through the year but Facebook seemed to take over a bit. I am trying to get our website up to date early in 2015
So I will try to get the year in one story item. Our Facebook page has had a load of photos from 2014 added in so please have a look.

As ever it’s almost impossible to capture the year because as ever it seemed to fly by with gradings courses injuries etc etc.

Our involvement with the Sport Relief Mile was a great success and there were videos on the West Sussex County Times website as well as numerous photos. Please have a look at the News item related to the Sport Relief Event.

However the over-riding success for me is that we as a Club are still going strong, we are only a small club but the loyalty and commitment you as students and all the people who support you, show never ceases to astound me. We instructors have been very impressed by the focus and determination many of you display, and in many cases at a very young age, this was exemplified in our youngest ever award winner Claudia who is just 4 years old

The year has seen its round of gradings at all levels. An encouraging point is that the use of Half Belt (MON) gradings has helped many younger students take steps along the path to Black Belt. Our number of Brown belt students continues to grow as a high percentage of you stay with Roffey Karate. Our Black Belt contingent are the same with Sensei Alex, Sensei Jed, Sensei Andrew and Sensei Izak all taking a step up to 2nd DAN. They are all 14 and 15 year old young men and to see the effort they put in, when at a stage in life where there are many competing opportunities, is quite overwhelming at times.

Sense Mads who has been with me at Roffey for many years, man and boy so to speak, passed his 3rd DAN grading, we now have 5 3rd Dans, 6 2nd DANs and 3 1st Dans, with several students just one step away.

We continue to strive for improvement in you as students and in us as Instructors as in the end we are all learning. As I said our younger students are really starting to progress now and I think many of them realise that they are learning a lot and very able to grade at each opportunity.

Our Senior classes have grown with many of the students recently classed as Junior moving up to Senior classes. This is a really encouraging sign, but it has left gaps in our Junior classes, so if you have any friends, nephews nieces, cousins tell them how good Karate is for you and especially how good and how much fun our classes are at Roffey.

The calendar for 2015 is out so please watch out for the events happening through the year, and I still hope this year I will finally get the KATA competition off the drawing board.

It is and always has been richly rewarding to be involved with Roffey Karate and that is thanks to all of you who train and as importantly those who support you students, your family and friends.

So thank you ALL for the last year and all the previous years and I look forward to more success, more fun and another great year.