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Roffey Karate club ( Roffey Wadokai) is based at the Roffey Institute Hall Crawley Road, Horsham. We teach the WADO RYU style of Japanese Karate following a traditional syllabus. This style is lighter than most and incorporates evasive and sweeping movements in defence which means it is very suitable for student of all ages and sizes. The club has students from 5 to 60 years and the classes are designed to enable everyone to participate fully.

In the Junior classes, which are split according to age, there is an atmosphere of fun as well as concentrating on the discipline required to progress in a Martial Art. In the Senior classes (over 12 years) there are many students who have progressed through from Junior classes. For more information on future courses please contact; Phil or Debbie Smith on 07708432682 or 07882512676

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  • Roffey Karate Club Sport Relief 2014 Participants

    The Sainsbury's Sport Relief Games took place on Sunday 23rd March 2014. We at Roffey Karate Club have supported many Charities over the years and this was our most successful to date. We had 90 runners of all ages and the total raised has hit £2500. That's a phenominal acheivement for a small club like ours. Well done all who took part and thank you all who sponsored us.

    We have set up  this gallery and there are some pictures of our brave and energetic participants who represented the club whilst also raising money for a good cause

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    The Sainsbury's Sport Relief Games took place in March 2014. We at Roffey Karate Club have supported many Charities over the years.
    This year entered the Sport Relief Mile as a group and on 23rd March over 90 students Parents Relatives and Friends ran the Sport Relief Mile in Horsham Park

    The day was an overwhelming success for Sport Relief and fro Roffey Karate Club.


    ROFFEY KARATE AWARDS 2013 Sponsored by SIRIC Communications

    Roffey karate ended a very successful and enjoyable year with their annual awards evening.
    The evening was well attended with over 50 students attending the three sessions.
    Award winners came from all age groups which is really encouraging. As ever the awards are for showing true Karate Spirit and behaviour. We look all year at how the students train, the effort they put in the contribution they make, how they work with their fellow students, how they help and interact with each other and how they grow as Karateka and as human beings
    Award winners are as follows:

    Special Awards:

    Agata Rychlyk; Hannah Ryder; Lizzie Blackburn; Riley Tigh; Oscar Gavira
    Dylan Willis and Frank Jeates

    Awards for Spirit:

    Lily Killner; Ellie Fitter; Izak Varey; Jed Abrahams

    Awards for Effort:

    Kailas Ramesh; Charlie Sheppard; Thomas Claridge; Kealy Briggs


    Hi everyone, apologies for the lack of updates through the year but Facebook seemed to take over a bit. I am trying to get our website up to date before 2014 kicks in.
    So I will try to get the year in one story item. Our Facebook page has had a load of photos from 2013 added in so please have a look.

    It's almost impossible to capture the year because as ever it seemed to fly by with gradings courses injuries etc etc.

    However the over-riding success for me is that we as a Club are still going strong, we are only a small club but the loyalty and commitment you as students and all the people who support you, show never ceases to astound me. We instructors have been very impressed by the focus and determination many of you display, and in many cases at a very young age, this was exemplified in our youngest ever Outstanding Student Jake Brotherton. It is strange to make a comparison amongst students so young but Jake reminds me of a young Sensei Jed or Sensei Andrew. Those of you who have known those two for any length of time will know what I mean.

    The year has seen three gradings up to Purple Belt, two Brown belt gradings and just one Black Belt grading. But I think that through the year the standards have been rising and I have great hopes for next year. Our youngest students are really starting to progress now and I think many of them realise that they are learning a lot and very able to grade at each opportunity.
    Our Senior classes have grown with many of the students recently classed as Junior moving up to Senior classes. This is a really encouraging sign, but it has left gaps in our Junior classes, so if you have any friends, nephews nieces, cousins tell them how good Karate is for you and especially how good and how much fun our classes are at Roffey.

    I will shortly be putting out the calendar for 2014 and I hope this year I will finally get the KATA competition off the drawing board.

    We at the club now have, in addition to me (Sensei Phil) three 3rd Dans who all come along and teach regularly. They are Senseis Colin Jackson, Paul Lucas and Gregg Sandford, we have five 2nd Dans and 7 1st Dans who all train and teach regularly. This is a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience which benefits everyone in the club.

    In addition there are several students at 1st KYU who will hopefully take their Black Belt grade in 2014

    It is and always has been richly rewarding to be involved with Roffey Karate and that is thanks to all of you who train and as importantly those who support you students, your family and friends.

    So thank you ALL for the last year and all the previous years and I look forward to more success, more fun and another great year.


    Around 16 students attended last Sunday's course which was just about the optimum number as this time the BO (Staff) was one of the weapons used and as it is 6 feet long there were obvious dangers.
    Students were taught Traditional Wado Ryu Tanto Dori (knife defences), Tachi Dori (sword defences) and were also encouraged to develop their own sets of blocks. Sensei Colin Jackson covered these two weapons so many thanks to him for his time and expert tuition.
    There was a session for all on Nunchuku basics delivered by Sensei Phil. The Nuchuku we use are generally designed for speed rather than power and everyone managed much of the basic skills required.
    The BO was taught in pairs cocering a head attack, block and counter and the same for neck and body attacks. Thankfully all the students showed immaculate control and discipline and there were no knuckle related injuries.
    The atmosphere was fantastic with an obvious desire from all to fully participate and learn. The grades ranged from 3rd Dan to 4th kyu with all fully involved.

    Once again well done to all who attended I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

    Sensei Phil

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